Advantages of Renting Voting Machines

We’ll admit: You probably don’t want to hear too much about elections right now. That’s totally understandable, but we’re not here to talk about the presidential race. Instead, we’re taking a look at voting machines and how they can help you and your organization.

At the Honest Ballot Association, we help groups of all sizes manage their voting processes. From company votes to school elections and everything in between, we can help make your balloting or election a more smooth, fair, open and trustworthy process. Instead of simply voting by paper and risking all the errors that go along with it, think about renting our voting machines.

Let’s look at some of the benefits.

Voting MachinesFirst and foremost, electronic voting machines are more accurate and secure. Paper votes may be illegible and difficult to read. They also can be easily tampered with as voting officials could hide or throw away votes to sway an election. There is also the simple chance of accounting errors that could skew results.

Using Honest Ballot’s voting machines removes these issues. With electronic voting, the ability to change votes is taken away entirely. Organizations can be sure that the votes cast are the ones intended and the result of the election is true. This not only takes away stress, but adds a level of transparency and guaranteed validity to the proceedings.

Honest Ballot machines come preprogrammed with secure voting software and have a counting algorithm in place. Using secure firewalls, these machines cannot be hacked and the results are sent to Honest Ballot officials who act as a reliable third party to verify the results.

Electronic machines also improve the speed of elections. Instead of spending time counting votes, the software takes care of that process, saving time and energy. The machines also use an intuitive interface, making casting votes easy for voters and helping to ensure that voters are clear on who they are voting for and how to make their vote count.

The next time you host an election or balloting process, think about using electronic voting machines from Honest Ballot that will make the voting process easier for everyone involved. To learn more about renting voting machines, call us today at 800-541-1851.