And The Winner Is… Online Voting!

And The Winner Is… Online Voting!

With our society using technology now more than ever, it is no surprise that voting services has started to follow this movement with online polling systems. This isn’t the easiest system to implement as many aren’t used to the technology which sometimes leads to their resistance which could turn in to less votes being cast.

However, the Oscars and more recently the Emmys have implemented online voting that is proving to be a very successful endeavor, both for turnout and for environmental purposes.

Not Just the Latest Hollywood Trend And The Winner Is… Online Voting!

What the Emmys have done is create an online two round voting process where in the first round the nominees are chosen. Then in the second round, they vote on the winner. But the difference is before the online system only a select few were able to vote, where now anyone who voted in round one can vote in round two.

The Academy’s belief is that this will lead to more competitive races for a winner. Not only that, but it will also be more telling in terms of how the Academy feels about certain genres and topics. Plus for an environmental purpose, they are looking to save trees and voting online is one of the best ways to promote that ideal.

Through online tools and electronic voting machines, Honest Ballot Association makes the voting process accessible to all. With our online programs protected by safeguards and firewalls, we’ll make sure your vote not only counts, but is safe as well. For more information on our online voting as well as any of our other services, please feel free to contact us today!