Avoiding Condo and HOA Election Problems

Homeowner Association Election

Condo and homeowner association (HOA) elections are important because they help determine who will be in charge of making and enforcing rules that typically affect a large number of people. Therefore, you should do everything in your power to avoid some of the most common mistakes that are made during condo and HOA elections. It will help maintain the integrity of these elections and ensure that the people who end up representing the community as part of condo or HOA boards are the people who actually won the elections fair and square.

Homeowner Association ElectionThere are many common mistakes that can occur during elections, says HOAleader.com. These include having an open vote without verifying the residence of voters, having a miscount or not preparing ahead for absentee or proxy voting. You can avoid these and other crucial mistakes during your condo or HOA election by working with Honest Ballot.

We can provide your association with voting equipment, programs and services to carry out your election successfully. For example, we can establish an online voting system that uses individual login credentials that allow only voters with verified credentials to vote. We can also provide fast, accurate and secure results with digital voting systems that cannot be tampered with or altered. This can help maintain the integrity of your organization while ensuring that elections are held fairly and in compliance with your own rules and bylaws.

By working with an independent company, you can also eliminate any perceived bias. We are impartial, and work only to ensure that your election is held property and fairly. Using our services ensures that everyone can trust the results, eliminating any drama, bickering or concerns about impropriety that can arise after especially contentious elections.

Before you hold your next condo or HOA election, give the team at Honest Ballot a call. We have a wide range of experience working with groups just like yours, as well as labor unions, school boards and many other agencies, and our voting services can help your next election go off without a hitch. Call us at 800-541-1851 today to learn more.