How to Improve Your Get-Out-The-Vote Strategies

Destroying The Get-Out-And-Vote Mythology

In many political parties, labor unions, associations, and more, campaign managers depend on get-out-the-vote efforts to win an election. Additionally, a successful campaign includes a behavioral scientist to help them craft an operation that will get voters to the polls. Below are some GOTV tactics, ideas, and notions that can help you drive voters to… Read more »

How Online Voting Can Keep your Next Election Simple and Secure

Keep Your Next Election Simple and Secure With Online Voting

Elections can be messy, but the voting process ensures that the leaders of an organization represent the voice of the majority—whether it be members of a school board, a labor union president or a co-op treasurer. Typically, the higher the voter turnout and the more secure the platform, the better. For these reasons and more,… Read more »

How to Market a Political Candidate

How to Market a Political Candidate

A large part of a political campaign is marketing. You need to properly market your political candidate to ensure that people know who they are and what they stand for. Marketing a political candidate can help boost voter turnout and encourage swing voters to cast their ballot for your candidate. Here’s how to start: Create… Read more »

What to Do After an Election

Post-Election: What Can You Do?

The time leading up to and during an election can be stressful for anyone. But what about after the election is over with? While often over-looked, post-election time has very important responsibilities, just like prior to casting the vote. Announce the results First, you want to announce the election results. If you are having an… Read more »

Incentives for Voting: Does It Work?

Incentives for Voting

With voter turnout on a steady decline, lawmakers and city officials all over the United States are looking for ways to voters to get to the polls and cast their votes. One option that many cities and states are considering are incentives. In Los Angeles, the Ethics Commission is asking the City Council to think… Read more »

Voter Apathy: Why Don’t People Vote?

Voter Apathy

In the 2020 election, roughly 66.7 percent of the U.S. voting population voted, more than any in U.S. history. Nevertheless, voter turnout has been a consistent problem in U.S. elections. This is especially the case in local and midterm elections, which face dismally poor voter turnout as compared to presidential election years. So, why don’t… Read more »

What Is Cybersecurity?

What Is Cybersecurity?

In the past decade, more and more of our daily lives are spent on electronic devices. Even the way we vote is done electronically. But when so much sensitive information is digitally stored and transferred, how do we know if that information is safe? That’s where cybersecurity comes in. The 2020 election put cybersecurity at… Read more »

What to Bring (And Not Bring) to the Polls on Election Day

What to Bring (And Not Bring) To the Polls on Election Day

You’ve registered to vote, and you’ve found your polling place, but what happens once you get there? For first-time voters, Election Day can be a confusing process, and you may not be sure what you should or should not bring to your polling place. While each state is different, we’ve put together an overview of… Read more »

4 Things to Do Before Election Day

4 Things to Do Before Election Day

The election is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to prepare yourself for entering the voting booth. Voting, even without the coronavirus, is a bit more complicated than simply walking into a polling place and filling out a ballot. Here is everything you need to do before Election Day: Register to Vote If you haven’t… Read more »