How to Use Email Campaigns for Voter Targeting

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Voter targeting or “microtargeting” is the use by which election campaigns and political parties’ use direct marketing and “data mining” techniques, which involves predictive market segmentation. Segmentation is the science of splitting up your target audience into groups based on various behaviors, demographics, interests and/or other characteristics. These concepts are widely used when trying to… Read more »

How to Get Young Americans to the Polls

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It’s no secret in the United States that one of the keys to winning any election is to get your key demographics out and voting. One demographic that is crucial to sway is the young voter. The 18-30 age bracket is a challenge that even the best political party candidates have issues getting to the… Read more »

How Do Members Vote in the House of Representatives?

picture of US Capitol Building

When we vote for candidates, we typically fill out a ballot and call it a day. However, if you’re a member of the House of Representatives, voting is a bit more complicated. There are actually five different ways you can vote in the House. Here, we detail each method: Voice Vote When a question is… Read more »

Ranked Voting: What Is It and Could It Work for You?

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When you voted for who you wanted to become president of the United States, your local representative and any other offices up for election in your area, you didn’t rank all of the candidates based on what order you would vote for them. However, there is some evidence that suggests that ranked voting could be… Read more »

Top 3 Reasons to Throw Election Parties


Persuading voters is much like trying to sell a product or service. You need to believe that you can help in a substantial way, and then have the confidence will follow through. Election parties are a great way to persuade voters who may be on the fence. After all, many people simply cast votes based… Read more »

What Online Voting Can Do For Unions

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Being in a union has its definite advantages. As an organized group, you use your collective strengths to make changes and have a voice in the workforce. Common problems tackled by a union include wages, work hours, benefits, workplace safety and health, and job training. Unions can do plenty of negotiating, but the actual way… Read more »

4 Last-Minute Ways to Help Your Campaign Before Election Day

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Election Day is just around the corner. But just because the big day is almost here doesn’t mean you should let up on your campaign. If anything, now is the time to ramp up the pressure. Many elections are decided based on the actions candidates take in the final days leading up to Election Day…. Read more »

How to Deploy a “Pledge To Vote” Plan

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Electoral candidates have used a “pledge to vote” tactic in order to commit voters to voting. In years past, pledges have been made when candidates walked door to door with clipboard and pamphlet in hand. They also assigned members to contact voters via telephone. The purpose of the above was to get voters to sign… Read more »

How to Improve Your Get-Out-The-Vote Strategies

Destroying The Get-Out-And-Vote Mythology

In many political parties, labor unions, associations, and more, campaign managers depend on get-out-the-vote efforts to win an election. Additionally, a successful campaign includes a behavioral scientist to help them craft an operation that will get voters to the polls. Below are some GOTV tactics, ideas, and notions that can help you drive voters to… Read more »

How Online Voting Can Keep your Next Election Simple and Secure

Keep Your Next Election Simple and Secure With Online Voting

Elections can be messy, but the voting process ensures that the leaders of an organization represent the voice of the majority—whether it be members of a school board, a labor union president or a co-op treasurer. Typically, the higher the voter turnout and the more secure the platform, the better. For these reasons and more,… Read more »