Automatic Registration Efforts Advance in Two Dozen States

The debate over voter registration policies continues. Last week, President Obama voiced his support for a bill in Illinois that would automatically register people to vote when they apply for a state driver’s license or identification card. As NPR reports, similar bills are being considered in about two dozen states. While the Illinois bill, and… Read more »

Customize Your Election With Honest Ballot

Some of what we can relate to with voting includes waiting in a long line of fellow voters, standing behind the curtain, clicking buttons on an outdated machine or filling in the bubbles of a voting ballot – sound about right? What the Honest Ballot Association has done, however, allows your voting public to partake… Read more »

The Ruckus About Caucuses

Election season is here again which has a lot of people talking about debates, primaries and caucuses. Since different states have different laws when it comes to selecting a candidate, the back-and-forth can get confusing. What is important to note is that Iowa hosts a caucus and New Hampshire is always the first state to… Read more »

Voting Reform Taking the Stage at the Oscars

This year at the Oscars, movies that we’ve recently watched won’t be the only thing the celebrities are talking about. In a recent post on Facebook, Reese Witherspoon spoke out about the lack of racial and gender diversity in this year’s nominees. She suggests a bit of voting membership reform among the Academy. Have you… Read more »

Push for Voting Reform Makes its Way into SotU

One of the landmarks of President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address was a call to end the gerrymandering of congressional districts to benefit politicians. Obama called for a bipartisan group of lawmakers to draw new congressional districts in the speech, speaking in opposition to current laws in most states where legislators control… Read more »

A History of Voting Reformation

The right to vote has a very long history. What once was a strict right of the white, landowning population, it has evolved to include every person, regardless of gender and race. Let’s take a look back few of the most memorable moments in the history of voting. The 15th Amendment The ratification of 15th… Read more »

Data on 191M American Voters Exposed Online

Data on 191M American Voters Exposed Online

A security researcher has recently discovered an online database that houses the illegally posted voting records of more than 191 million Americans. The information posted on the database includes the names, phone numbers, home addresses, dates of birth and voting records of these individuals tracing back as far as 2000. The database, fortunately, does not… Read more »

Let Your Team Weigh In With Online Ballots

Keeping employees happy and working together are two of the largest components of office productivity. Helping your employees work together, share ideas and thoughts is crucial to maintaining an innovative and constantly progressing organization. Organizations that ask employees to share their thoughts and opinions often have a happier and more productive workforce. Online balloting can… Read more »

Offer Secure, Accurate Voting at Your College or Club

All professional clubs or college groups are run by a leader, and typically, that leader needs to get elected. Having each member of a group, club or organization vote is a way to ensure equality and simplicity in choosing a leader or someone in a different hierarchal role. Everybody gets to vote and everybody gets… Read more »

What Is Involved In The Electronic Voting Process

What Is Involved In The Electronic Voting Process

Advancements in technology have certainly made life much easier and our time spent on daily tasks more efficient. With the click of a button, the Internet is at our fingertips for searching, shopping, banking, planning, and voting. Electronic voting systems are becoming a trend for its simplicity, easy application, and convenience. Electronic voting machines are… Read more »