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The Role of Social Media in Mobilizing Student Voters

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In today’s digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives, shaping the way we communicate, share information, and engage with the world around us. For universities, leveraging social media platforms is a game-changer in mobilizing student voters and driving participation in campus elections. Creating a Buzz Around Elections Social media allows… Read more »

Enhancing Student Engagement in University Elections through Electronic Voting

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In the dynamic world of university life, student engagement in elections is essential yet often lackluster. The key to unlocking higher participation lies in electronic voting. This modern approach, aligning with the digital inclinations of today’s students, can dramatically transform the landscape of student elections and foster a more active campus community. Tailoring Voting to… Read more »

The Impact of Electronic Voting Systems on Voter Turnout

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As technology continues to advance, its role in democratic processes is becoming increasingly pivotal. Electronic voting systems, in particular, have emerged as a revolutionary tool in enhancing voter participation. By simplifying the voting process and removing barriers to participation, these systems have a profound impact on voter turnout. In this post, we explore the various… Read more »

Why Your Nonprofit Should Consider Electronic Voting for Board Elections

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A nonprofit organization will have many elections throughout its lifetime. To ensure the integrity of those elections, you’ll need a proper election system. Electronic voting is often the best option for nonprofits. Here, we’ll explain why. Benefits of Electronic Voting for Nonprofits Efficiency and Speed – Electronic voting significantly reduces the time spent on manual… Read more »

The Three Different Types of Voting Systems

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Different municipalities and organizations may have different types of voting systems. If you’re planning for a union vote or a school board vote, you may be wondering what the best voting system is. There really is no “best,” but different types do suit different organizations and populations better. Read on to learn more: First-Past-The-Post Voting… Read more »

Open Source Software Could Help Prevent Voting Machine Hacks

Cut the Cost of Business Travel With These Helpful Tips

America’s voting machines are getting old. Many of them are using decade-old technology to tally votes, and replacement parts are becoming hard to come by. But aging voting machines don’t just cause headaches for election officials; they can constitute a security risk as well. Recently, cybersecurity experts have urged state and city governments to invest… Read more »

Paper Backups Could Improve Election Security

Paper Backups Could Improve Election Security

Election security is a topic that’s made a lot of headlines in recent years. With many states using voting machines that are more than a decade old, security experts have raised concerns that these aging machines could be vulnerable to hacking and tampering in future state and federal elections. That’s why many states are taking… Read more »

Large Election? No Problem! Digital Ballots Save Space

Giant Ballot

A general election was held in the Netherlands in early March, and the Dutch voters who showed up for it were faced with a big challenge when they arrived at the polls. There were so many political parties that took part in the election – a record 28 total, according to the Washington Post –… Read more »

Secure Features Make Electronic Votes More Reliable

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Electronic voting machines are very convenient when it comes time to tally up votes at the end of an election. Rather than sitting and counting them by hand, electronic votes can be tallied up very quickly and without much effort at all. It’s why many organizations turn to electronic voting machines during elections. However, one… Read more »

Make Your Private Balloting More Accessible

There are few rights that we have that are more important than our right to vote. Every year, millions of Americans show up at polling places for more than just electing politicians; they also vote on their preference for the next ranking individual within their labor unions, credit unions, school boards, community clubs and more…. Read more »