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Open Source Software Could Help Prevent Voting Machine Hacks

Cut the Cost of Business Travel With These Helpful Tips

America’s voting machines are getting old. Many of them are using decade-old technology to tally votes, and replacement parts are becoming hard to come by. But aging voting machines don’t just cause headaches for election officials; they can constitute a security risk as well. Recently, cybersecurity experts have urged state and city governments to invest… Read more »

Paper Backups Could Improve Election Security

Paper Backups Could Improve Election Security

Election security is a topic that’s made a lot of headlines in recent years. With many states using voting machines that are more than a decade old, security experts have raised concerns that these aging machines could be vulnerable to hacking and tampering in future state and federal elections. That’s why many states are taking… Read more »

Large Election? No Problem! Digital Ballots Save Space

Giant Ballot

A general election was held in the Netherlands in early March, and the Dutch voters who showed up for it were faced with a big challenge when they arrived at the polls. There were so many political parties that took part in the election – a record 28 total, according to the Washington Post –… Read more »

Secure Features Make Electronic Votes More Reliable

Electronic Voting Machine

Electronic voting machines are very convenient when it comes time to tally up votes at the end of an election. Rather than sitting and counting them by hand, electronic votes can be tallied up very quickly and without much effort at all. It’s why many organizations turn to electronic voting machines during elections. However, one… Read more »

Make Your Private Balloting More Accessible

There are few rights that we have that are more important than our right to vote. Every year, millions of Americans show up at polling places for more than just electing politicians; they also vote on their preference for the next ranking individual within their labor unions, credit unions, school boards, community clubs and more…. Read more »

Offer a More Accessible Vote With Digital Voting

There’s no question we live in an era of convenience. Day in and out, we’re all looking for ways to make our lives a little easier, a little more convenient. This is true for all areas of our lives, from ordering dinner online, to having our groceries delivered to our doorstop – we’re busy people…. Read more »

What Is Involved In The Electronic Voting Process

What Is Involved In The Electronic Voting Process

Advancements in technology have certainly made life much easier and our time spent on daily tasks more efficient. With the click of a button, the Internet is at our fingertips for searching, shopping, banking, planning, and voting. Electronic voting systems are becoming a trend for its simplicity, easy application, and convenience. Electronic voting machines are… Read more »