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Getting Your Message Out There: How to Persuade Voters

If you think back on all of the debates you have had with people, were there any that you were successful at? In order to persuade people (voters) to take your side in important issues, there is a flexible recipe for success. You’ll need to have a few pre-existing conditions and a couple of the… Read more »

What Went Wrong? Bush v Gore Election of 2000

Countless jokes were written and vocalized on late night television after the 2000 presidential election results were announced. Many comments dealt with “hanging chads.” So, what exactly went wrong with the Bush versus Gore election of 2000?   In Florida, the ballots needed to be recounted due to unclear results. Ultimately, the recount showed that… Read more »

History of Voting in America

  Voting has evolved in many ways throughout American History. From the very first colonists at Jamestown, to women’s voting rights, the election system has changed quite a bit! The First Vote: One of the very first actions taken by colonists in their New World was to institute leaders by way of elections. After escaping… Read more »