Data on 191M American Voters Exposed Online

Data on 191M American Voters Exposed Online

Data on 191M American Voters Exposed OnlineA security researcher has recently discovered an online database that houses the illegally posted voting records of more than 191 million Americans. The information posted on the database includes the names, phone numbers, home addresses, dates of birth and voting records of these individuals tracing back as far as 2000. The database, fortunately, does not disclose any financial information about the voters, or their Social Security numbers.

The security researcher was able to verify the database’s authenticity by locating his own information on the site, according to a CNET report. Though it’s not immediately clear who this database belongs to, the FBI and the attorney general of California have been contacted, and are working to figure out who is responsible for the hack.

While some information regarding voter registration lists is available on the public record in some states, other states have restrictions on how the data is accesses and can be used. In California, for instance, voter registration cards are confidential.

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