Destroying The Get-Out-And-Vote Mythology

Destroying The Get-Out-And-Vote Mythology

Destroying The Get-Out-And-Vote MythologyIn many political parties, labor unions, associations, credit unions, co-ops and condo associations, schools boards, contests, and lotteries the person in one of the organizations that’s in charge of running the election usually has to only do it once a year. Elections are only a minor piece that makes up the whole pie of what the campaign leader. It’s not surprising if you are not a get-out-the-vote (GOTV) aficionado but they should be.

Instead of being more knowledgeable of the latest in get-out-the-vote techniques, they rely on more traditional wisdom or myths that are not back by scientifically based facts or data about voters.

A successful election or campaign has a staff that includes a behavioral scientist in order to help them craft an operation that will help get voters to the polls. Here are some traditional GOTV tactics, ideas and notions that need to be destroyed or changed in order to strengthen what the GOTV really is, a pillar of your campaign.

What GOTV Really Is

  • GOTV is easy for an election supervisor to conduct and there has to be understanding with your members and their behavior, and know how to accept your call-to-action. Marketing and persuasion is the part that isn’t easy.
  • Segment your target audiences. Don’t just put out the same message to everyone, and specify to each target group.
  • Encourage all members to join and engage all people who are involved in your meetings. Don’t just let the few who come decide all the organization’s governance.
  • Measure your efforts from GOTV. Data, charts, and analysis of all engagement. Links that were clicked, emails that were checked, web sites that were viewed.
  • GOTV is an all year plan. Use the appropriate tools to educate and inform your members, and find ways to communicate effectively. Make it seem like voting is easy, and how to get involved.

Utilize these tips and you can have a successful campaign. For help with election campaigns look to Honest Ballot.Destroying The Get-Out-And-Vote Mythology

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