How to Get Young Americans to the Polls

drawing of a group of students

It’s no secret in the United States that one of the keys to winning any election is to get your key demographics out and voting. One demographic that is crucial to sway is the young voter. The 18-30 age bracket is a challenge that even the best political party candidates have issues getting to the polls.

So, how do you get political issues in the minds of young people? Read on to learn more:drawing of a group of students

Talk about the right issues

You have to evoke emotions in the younger voter in order for them to rally to your cause. This means speaking to issues they care about. Addressing issues like minimum wage, net neutrality, student loans and college tuition will make anyone in the 18-30 age bracket turn an ear and listen to what you have to say. But just talking about it won’t go the whole way, showing them they actually care will. Plus, trust can be given to the politician, and easily taken away when the politician goes against their stance on an issue.

Conversely, young Americans must educate themselves on the issues in order to make smarter votes. Talk about the issues openly and ask other people their age what they feel about the issues or politicians at hand.

Go right to them

Most young voters spend their time on a college campus. As such, going on a speaking tour to several colleges in your district is a great way to access young voters. Social media is also a good tool to speak to the younger voter. Younger voters frequently use social media, so they will likely see your posts and advertisements so long as you spend the time and energy to promote yourself through those channels.

In the end, it’s up to everyone to get the right people in office. For more tips on how to get voters to the polls and support your election, read through our blog today!