Getting Your Message Out There: How to Persuade Voters

How to Persuade Voters

If you think back on all of the debates you have had with people, which ones were you most successful? In order to persuade people (voters) to take your side, there are several avenues for success. But if you play your cards right, you will be able to win some votes and create a chain reaction of success.

Voters need to be open to changeHow to Persuade Voters

Frankly put, it is impossible to change the mind of a voter that is not open to hearing another side of the argument. As such, you must start small. Identify something that you both share a belief in and go from there. If they perceive you as on their side, they’ll be more open to hearing more. If you come at the argument from a completely opposite point of view, they will shoot you down.

Sacrifice some points of your argument

Don’t be afraid to sacrifice some points in order to gain others. Some aspects of an argument can be lost for the overall good. Think about it in terms of reciprocity. You have to sacrifice some of your goals in order to receive some reciprocal negotiations on the other side.

Consider the time and the context

Another very important thing to pay attention to is timing and context. Don’t try to persuade people in the wrong place or the wrong time. You’ll want to catch people when they are open to hearing your thoughts.

Be positive

Give sincere compliments and positive feedback when discussing with others. Remember to hear and value their opinions, even while stating that you disagree. Instead of completely disagreeing with them, be willing to compliment them on their creative thought process.

Show what you can offer

Remember that people are always wondering what the reciprocity will be. In this case, they’re wondering what their vote will get them from you. Be sure to flaunt exactly what it is you’re offering, and find the people who want it. When they see the benefit first, it will be much easier to capture their attention.

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