Let Your Team Weigh In With Online Ballots

Let Your Team Weigh In With Online BallotsKeeping employees happy and working together are two of the largest components of office productivity. Helping your employees work together, share ideas and thoughts is crucial to maintaining an innovative and constantly progressing organization. Organizations that ask employees to share their thoughts and opinions often have a happier and more productive workforce. Online balloting can help you get employee input and votes on necessary topics, whether it’s a pulse on how much employees support a new policy proposal or where your holiday party should be held. Whether something serious or something fun, online voting is great way to get employees communicating.

In today’s workplace, too many employees are remaining quiet and disengaged, just going along with anything. However, not speaking up can hinder employees’ performance. Giving your staff a way to voice their opinions can provide necessary input to help evaluate the situation and make the appropriate decisions for your organization. An online voting system is easy to use and is perfect for any type of election, poll or contest.

Using online voting software allows for flexible ballot questions, so it really does work for any situation. You can add photos to certain questions, allow write-ins, comment boxes and more, so your ballot can give your employees as much freedom to truly provide their feedback as they need. Have employees who work from home or are often out of the office for business? Not a problem. With an online voting system, voters can do everything right from their mobile device.

Honest Ballot Association has been offering voting equipment and software for rent since 1909 and we can help find the right process that will work for you. Whether you’re looking for a one-time vote among employees about a new initiative or want to establish a regular way for employees to weigh in, Honest Ballot Association can walk you through every step of the process. To learn more or to get started, call us today at 800-541-1851.