Post-Election: What Can You Do?

Post-Election: What Can You Do?

Post-Election: What Can You Do?The time up to an election and during can be stressful for any person who is involved, from the candidates down to the poll workers who help count the votes. But there’s no more crucial time to stay diligent with the information you have from the election you just had. Post-election time has very important responsibilities, just like prior to casting the vote.

First you want to announce the election results. If you are having an in house election at your organization, you’ll want to introduce the newly appointed leaders or position holders. Have each person then introduce themselves to in a statement that will reveal their ideas for the future, passion for the industry, association, and profession. Thank the people who came out and voted and volunteered their time to make the election possible.

Then your main responsibility should be to follow up with the voters.

Address an email to thank them, and ask them a couple follow-up questions: Why did they vote? How can you make the voting better? What influenced them to vote?

For those who didn’t vote: Why didn’t they vote? What would make them vote? What would they change to make about the candidates?Post-Election What Can You Do (2)

Even though elections are that frequent for most organizations, it is still important to make the effort to improve the voting process and increase participation.

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