Read All About It: Digital Reporters Now Unionizing

Read All About It: Digital Reporters Now Unionizing

Read All About It: Digital Reporters Now UnionizingIn today’s world, more and more people are getting their news from online news sources. With this shift in attaining information and a recent trend of workers organizing in newsrooms, it makes sense that some of these workers would unionize to protect themselves.

That is exactly what the staff at The Guardian US with the hope that they will receive the same benefits as their print media colleagues.

Strength in Numbers

Getting everyone together for the vote could not have been easy however, as most reporters do not have the same routine from day to day. For situations like this, online voting could have been utilized to help accelerate the process.

Reporters could have found a computer or even used their smart phone to login to a site or application and vote on the unionization process. All of this would make sense too considering as digital reporters, their lively hoods revolve around technology.

The votes would also be calculated much quicker ultimately making the unionizing process move along a speedier pace. Even though a reporter may have to fly from one event to another, the luxury of electronic devices will help makes the overall voting process quicker and easier.

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