Register With Just Few Mouse Clicks!

Register With Just Few Mouse Clicks!

Register With Just Few Mouse Clicks!No matter whom you ask it seems almost everything today can be completed online. So it only makes sense that voter registration is taking that step onto 21st century technology.

Recently, the state of Rhode Island proposed a bill that would allow anyone with a driver’s license the ability to complete their voter registration online. Despite being met with a little criticism, there would be significant and numerous benefits to passing it.

Benefits of Online Registration

One of the first positives to the bill is that it would save the state, in this case, Rhode Island, a great amount of time and money. They wouldn’t have to print and distribute registration or election forms for every election and no one would have to file them. Subsequently, state employees would not have to complete the data entry of the information on the paper forms. With an online system the names and voter information would be accessible at any time in the future.

The bill would also benefit anyone who works business hours and can’t make it to a city or town hall to complete a registration form. With a few clicks of their mouse from home they would be all set to vote.

This could also work as an incentive to get more people to register, and therefore, more people to vote. If it is easy to register, people will do it. And, it will appear that voting would be just as easy and simple which could lead to more people voting.

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