Rock the Vote – Online!

Rock the Vote – Online!

A school board is critical to the growth and development of a school system. They are the body that determines educational policies that put in place to improve the students’ classroom environment. Most of these changes are voted upon by the board, but sometimes changes are to be voted on by the public.

The only problem is that in today’s busy world, it isn’t the easiest for some to get out and vote. Especially when the proposal involves their child, who attends that school.

Make Every Voice & Vote Heard Rock the Vote – Online!

In these instances, an online voting system would allow everybody’s voice to be heard when deciding on a new budget or policy for the school district. That way if a parent can’t make it out to the polling place, they can log on to their computer and with a few quick clicks, vote on the school board’s proposal.

Also with an implemented online system registration is easier, so when an important vote is coming up, they will be notified or reminded and make sure they take part. It would also allow for more accurate voting as there is little room for error between a yes and no vote online. Once something is clicked it will be counted without argument.

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