Secure Features Make Electronic Votes More Reliable

Electronic Voting Machine

Electronic voting machines are very convenient when it comes time to tally up votes at the end of an election. Rather than sitting and counting them by hand, electronic votes can be tallied up very quickly and without much effort at all. It’s why many organizations turn to electronic voting machines during elections. However, one of the perceived downfalls of electronic voting machines is that some people believe they are unreliable and don’t work as effectively as other types of voting machines. As Politico reports, some voters believe that elections can be rigged rather easily simply by hacking into electronic voting machines and altering them so that they don’t count votes or skew votes in favor of a preferred candidate.

Electronic Voting MachineYou won’t have to worry about any problems arising, though, when you use an electronic voting machine from Honest Ballot. Our machines come equipped with state-of-the-art firewalls that make it impossible for anyone to hack into them. They also rely on secure passwords that only give access to the machines to those who have been registered as voters.

Additionally, the results of your next election will be significantly more accurate if you use an electronic voting machine as opposed to a system that relies on paper votes. When votes have to be counted manually, mistakes are often made and, in some cases, fraud even becomes a problem. You can eliminate risk and guarantee a fair election by using an electronic voting machine that will deliver results you can trust rapidly and securely.

The electronic voting machines offered by Honest Ballot include a variety of features that are designed to help you run a successful election. From notarized confirmation of voting results and pin pad management to digital signature security and vandal-proof touchscreens, you won’t have to worry about anything when you hold an election using one of our machines. And if you ever run into any issues, Honest Ballot will be there to address your concerns right away.

Find out more about our electronic voting machines and how to reserve one or more for your upcoming ballot by calling us at 800-541-1851 today.