The Purpose of an HOA and Why Your Vote Matters


An HOA, or a Homeowners Association, exists in certain apartment buildings or neighborhoods to maintain and enhance property values, serving as an approval board for things that happen within the district, including home additions, parking rules, pools and even fences in some neighborhoods. A homeowners association is a nonprofit organization, and it’s usually governed by a board of directors who are elected by the residents.

HOAIf you live in a home located within an HOA, it’s usually mandatory to be a member. You’ll be asked to weigh in on certain issues, and make sure that the rules of the neighborhood are followed by the people living in your home and all your neighbors. Oftentimes, issues are brought to the HOA for a vote or new members need to be elected, and in these instances your vote – just like it is in a local election – is very important.

An HOA represents the best interests of the neighborhood’s residents, and defines their obligations as homeowners. HOA’s oftentimes have fees associated with membership, and these fees are used for ongoing activities of the HOA – and are also set by the board’s members. Dues can also be used to fund the HOA board’s meetings or take care of the upkeep in common areas of a residence if you live in a condo or apartment building.

To make sure that your own best interests are looked after – and to make sure your money is put to good and proper use – it’s important to have a voice in your HOA. That happens with elections, in which each candidate is valued and respected and where each member’s vote is taken seriously.

Here at Honest Ballot, we know that your HOA may need help holding votes securely. The old method of pen and paper isn’t always effective, especially if there’s no true impartial party. We offer accurate, timely and comprehensive voting services that could improve your voting process and ensure a fair and true result of your members’ votes. Find out more about how we can help your HOA at its next election by calling us today at 800-541-1851.