Throwing Election Parties

Election Parties

Persuading voters is much like trying to sell a product or service. You need to believe that you can help in a substantial way, and then have the confidence will follow through.

Political advertising is a great way to persuade voters who may be on the fence, but this is also your chance to snag votes from the competition. Many people simply cast votes based on a pleasant experience they had with a representative. Many people vote based on how others around them are voting.

If you have a big election coming up, plan an event around it. Not only will it help to make the election a bigger deal and attract more voters, but the event can act as a platform for candidates to network and do some last minute schmoozing. Voters will appreciate the opportunity to attend a great event in lieu of the election, and you will have the opportunity to attract votes at the same time.

Take advantage of these opportunities by preparing to answer big questions. People will be itching for the opportunity to grill candidates. Make sure you know your competition. Know what their ideas and values are. Know how they have performed in the past. Be able to entertain guests in an exciting way by telling them personal stories. Engaging with voters is the best way to assure that you have their vote. But don’t stop there. Be sure to pick up on small details about them; stay in touch; and remind them that you were paying attention and you value their vote.

In addition to grabbing a few important votes, an event can also provide you with the opportunity to thank the people that have helped you along the way. A party is like a last “Hurrah” for those that have made your journey possible. Be sure to have a toast for them.

It all comes down to being the person the voters need. Figure out who you are and who they need, and show them you can be that person.