Unionize With Online Voting!

Unionize With Online Voting!

In today’s digital age, online voting has become a very popular way of polling. It can be used to measure everything from the public’s opinion on a certain topic to deciding on a new flavor of a popular food.

However, one group of people who could benefit from this technology is people who are associated with a union.

Find Strength in Number Online Unionize With Online Voting!

Recently, the members of General Electric’s two largest unions voted to approve new four-year labor contracts with them. Now it may sound like two groups but approximately 16,500 workers are covered under these new deals.

Now even though this deal passed, it is very hard to get that many people together to vote on something.

This is where online voting could be beneficial to a group of this size. It’s hard to get all of those people to one polling place as well as the workers could be spread across the city where the vote is taking place.

With online voting, they could simply log on and click on the labor deal they would like or whether they would like the current deal to pass. Another great thing about this method is that the vote could last for a couple days so whenever the worker had time they could go and place their vote.

This way more GE employees would be represented and heard from on the issues.

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