Voter Targeting Increases Election Turnout

Voter Targeting Increases Election Turnout

Voter Targeting Increases Election TurnoutThe definition of Voter Targeting or “Microtargeting” is the use by which election campaigns and political parties’ use direct marketing and “data mining” techniques, which involves predictive market segmentation. Segmentation is the science of splitting up your target audience into groups based on various behaviors, demographics, interests and/or other characteristics. These concepts are widely used when trying to increase voter turnout.

For an organization or nonprofit company to increase election voting, communication is key since there is so much of it they must do at once to motivate voters to go to the polls. Email marketing is the perfect avenue to reach your target groups.

How To Make The Email Campaigns Work

From college and university campaigns to union campaigns, all the way to the United States presidential campaigns, it’s the campaign manager’s job to get their candidates message and stance of the major issues out to the voting public. Phone calls, flyers, speaking tours, debates, and commercial ads all have their place but that doesn’t segment the message and is a broader approach.

But before you start with the email campaigns, you must discover what the groups are you want to target. Testing email copy, subject lines; catering the emails to the different behaviors of each target group. You are then able to use the voter targeting information to focus on the election messaging, making the email personal and showcasing the important issues which will help drive the voters out to the elections, instead of the standard message.

After you get the voters to acknowledge there is something to vote for, you have to have a way for them to vote. At Honest Ballot, we have the voting machine you need to make the voting process simple and ready to use.Voter Targeting Increases Election Turnout

Electronic Voting Machines enable several advantages to the voter and to the election administrator:

  • Voter – simple and easy to use with the ability to change ballot choices before casting the vote
  • Election Administrator – really quick tally with reliable results
  • Voter – view complete ballot as it will be counted prior to casting the vote
  • Election Administrator – EVM elections typically cost less than traditional mail-ballot elections.

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