How to Use Email Campaigns for Voter Targeting

person looking at email on phone

Voter targeting or “microtargeting” is the use by which election campaigns and political parties’ use direct marketing and “data mining” techniques, which involves predictive market segmentation. Segmentation is the science of splitting up your target audience into groups based on various behaviors, demographics, interests and/or other characteristics. These concepts are widely used when trying to increase voter turnout.

For an organization or nonprofit company to increase election voting, communication is key since there is so much of it they must do at once to motivate voters to go to the polls. Email marketing is the perfect avenue to reach your target groups.person looking at email on phone

Find Out Which Groups to Target

Before you start your email campaigns, you must discover which groups you want to target. One message does not fit all, so you will have to tailor your email campaigns for each particular group. For example, an email campaign for seniors in your district should look and sound much differently than an email campaign targeting college students.

Test Your Email

Testing your email copy and subject line can help you get a sense of whether or not your email campaigns are working. Many email campaign websites such as MailChimp and Constant Contact offer A/B Testing. This allows you to send the same email with varying subject lines and copy to see which works best. Doing so will help you better cater your email campaigns in the future.

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