3 Essential Tips for Increasing Voter Turnout

Voter turnout. It’s the bane of many political operatives’ existence. In a country where only about 50% of the voting population actually goes out to vote, campaigns will do whatever it takes to get the number as close to 100% as possible. If you’re holding an election for your organization, government institution, or private interest group, then follow these steps to increase voter turnout on election day.

Increase awareness

3 Essential Tips for Increasing Voter Turnout

In order to increase voter turnout, you must first increase voter awareness. If people don’t know that you’re having an election, then they’re obviously not going to show up. For this, use social media to your advantage. Post multiple times on multiple social media sites about your election, who’s running, and everything else that potential voters need to know. You can also send out flyers, print articles, and run ads to further increase awareness.

Provide voters flexibility

Many people mistakenly believe that the reason others don’t vote is because they’re too lazy or apathetic to do so. This may be the case for some, but for many it’s because voting is simply too inconvenient. The voting times are set for a period when they’re at work, or they’re out of town on the day that the election is called. Instead, provide multiples days, times, and even locations for people to come and vote.

Give an incentive

For those people who genuinely don’t care about elections (and they do exist), then try to give out some incentive to get them inside the voting booth. Free food, coupons, t-shirts, or other small rewards (other than an “I Voted” sticker) will do the trick.

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