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Unique Voting Services for 21st Century

Honest Ballot LLC is a full-service electronic voting company providing voting machine rentals for any election, contest or lottery.  HB voting machines have been used for a variety of elections and other programs, and their security, accuracy and efficiency is second to none.  The electronic voting machines not only count your votes securely and automatically, but they make it easy to customize your ballot in a way that best suits your organization and election.  HB monitors all elections take place on the machines to give you third-party verification that your election was fair, complete and accurate.  From the secure firewalls protecting your data, to the back-up trail to authenticate the election and efficient software counting and securing each vote individually, you can rest assured knowing your organization’s data is safe and your election is authentic.

Honest Ballot Can Uniquely Meet Market Demand

HB’s electronic voting machines are built to making voting easier and faster while eliminating errors and confusion.  Electronic voting machines are much faster and easier to use and provide immeasurably more reliable results than paper votes.  Paper votes may be illegible for election officials or they may be difficult to read for voters.  Worse, boxes of paper ballots can easily be tampered with.  Accidental counting errors can skew election results and deliberate miscounting can even put the trust and reliability of the organization at risk.  HB removes the temptation and possibility of tampering with votes and also eliminates errors in counting by hand.  The electronic voting machines automatically count the votes cast with pre-programmed software.  When you rent your voting machine, they are delivered to you with your ballot already programmed and the counting algorithm already in place.  Once the ballot and algorithm are decided, they cannot be disrupted and secure firewalls ensure no one can change or even see the results before they are delivered to you.  The results of the vote are sent to HB officials, a reliable third-party without disruptive personal interest in the results of the election, where they are certified as authentic and accurate.  HB then sends your organization a certificate of authenticity with the results of the vote and any questions or concerns can be easily resolved through the data provided.  At any time, if you have any questions or concerns about the election, HB is available to help.

Digital Touch Screen Voting Machine RentalSpeed and accuracy are paramount to conduct an efficient and reliable election.  Electronic voting machines eliminate the need for time-consuming counting.  Election and contest hosts do not have to waste time with tedious tallying and top officials can spend more time with the concerns of the organization, while HB takes care of conducting a fast and reliable election.  When it is time to begin your election, the electronic voting machines provide each voter with an intuitive format and helpful instructions so they may quickly and easily cast their vote.  The ballot may be programmed in any way, with as many candidates or options as you require, and may also include synopses of propositions or candidates, an introductory paragraph, pictures, comments, write-in candidate sections and more.  HB will program your electronic ballot to meet your specifications.  When you receive your voting machine rentals, you ballot will already be programmed into the machine, so you can simply turn it on and start voting.  All voting machines feature a touch screen to cast votes, with options to revise the vote before it is finalized.  Unless otherwise specified, each machine is programmed to receive only one vote per person and no extraneous votes will be allowed.  This eliminates the opportunity for voter fraud and error.

All electronic voting machines are Section 508 and WCAG-2 compliant, so they are accessible and easy to use for all.  Options for handicapped voters are readily available on the machine and the ballot you use may be shown in several different languages.  Every vote cast is not only secured and protected by a firewall, but the information is also duplicated on a back-up drive.  This way, if your election is somehow disrupted, or if there are disputes about the results, the back-up drive will show the record of each vote and eliminate any uncertainty.  If you require further certification or if you have other questions about the results of the election, HB will be happy to help you at every step of the way.

HB has been developing secure, accurate and fair voting methods for over a century.  New technology has made voting easier, faster and more reliable than ever and results of any election can now be completely accurate.  If your school board, labor union, local government group, non-profit organization or another group is preparing for an election, contact HB to learn more about electronic voting machine rentals.  Get your ballot programmed electronically and ensure your constituents enjoy a fast, reliable and accurate election for small groups or large groups.