Use of electronic voting systems are now the fastest, easiest and more accurate way to hold elections. Honest Ballot LLC has created state-of-the-art electronic voting machines and online voting systems with secure programming and intuitive formats so every organization and group can utilize this revolutionary technology. The electronic voting process represents a new horizon in voting, where every vote can be counted exactly according to a digital algorithm and results can be quantified effortlessly. Electronic voting makes use of paper ballots, problems with handwriting, hanging chads, absentee ballots and other issues all a thing of the past. The videos showcase the effortless use of the electronic voting system, through pre-programmed voting equipment and also through a secure online voting system. Voters and organizations leaders can see, step-by-step, how easy electronic voting is and how simple the system is to use. The videos showcase organizations currently using HB’s cutting edge voting systems for their elections, as well as online software in use. Viewers can see how to cast their vote through the system, how ballots are arranged and can be customized and how elections can be easily organized.

Electronic voting equipment revolutionizes not only the process of voting, but also the arduous task of holding an election. Labor unions, police forces, condo associations and other groups often do not have the time, money or manpower to spend on large-scale elections. HB makes the process easy with elections that are tallied automatically through a computer program. Setting up an election is easy with the electronic voting machines; HB pre-programs your ballot, made according to your specifications, into the voting machine before it is delivered. Then your voting machine is delivered to your organization headquarters or wherever the election is being held. When you turn on the machines, the ballots are ready to use and voters can cast their votes at any time. The ballots may be customized to suit the needs of your election and your organization. Place any number of candidates or propositions on the ballot, with narratives and instructions accompanying each one. Pictures, write-in sections and comment sections can also be added. Multiple languages are available and all voting machines are handicap accessible in accordance with federal law. As a person votes, they may change their decision before their vote is finalized and an on-screen prompt will let them know when they are about to officially cast their vote. All the machines are run on touch-screen software, so the voter only needs to tap the screen and confirm their vote. All the votes are then stored on a protected hard-drive which HB may access. Firewalls prevent anyone from tampering with the results of the vote and back-up storage of the votes ensure the data will never be lost. The results are then sent to your organization with a certificate of verification. If there is any dispute about the results of the vote, the back-up memory will provide a clear record of each vote cast.

The online voting system differs from the electronic voting equipment in a few key aspects. Though the security and accuracy of the vote are confirmed in many of the same ways, online voting is even more accessible. HB programs software that shows the ballot and election details on a secure online connection which any member of the organization or the community may use. The ballot may be reached through any modern browser, on a computer or even on a smartphone or tablet device. This way, those who must be at work, at home with children, are sick or out of town during voting time can reach the polls regardless of their location. The voters may cast their vote at their convenience with a few clicks from their computer. If they do not have a computer or wifi access, they may use their smartphone to reach the page. Only those allowed to vote in the election will be given access to the ballot and all data is kept strictly confidential by HB officials. Once again, with a few clicks the voter can make their decision and double-check their vote before finalizing it. When their vote is submitted it goes directly to HB’s secure database, again with back-up data protection and failsafe firewalls. HB then verifies the results and sends them to the organization. All of this can be completed in a short time with no tedious counting, volunteer hours or storage boxes of votes required.

Take a look at the videos to see the electronic voting machines and online voting systems in action. These systems can be used for organizations large and small, with no minimum or maximum constraints. If you are interested in renting voting machines for your upcoming vote or you would like to learn more about customizing a ballot online for your election, contact Honest Ballot LLC today.