Brokered vs. Contested Conventions

Brokered vs. Contested Convention

From August 17 to August 20, the Democratic Party will be officially choosing their nominee for President of the United States. However, there are multiple ways that the convention can play out. For instance, it can turn into a brokered convention or a contested convention. Here we discuss the difference between the two: Brokered convention… Read more »

How to Continue Holding Your Elections During the Coronavirus Outbreak

How to Continue Holding Your Elections During the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the recent coronavirus outbreak, many state and local officials are wondering what they should about their elections. From condos to labor unions, many organizations are struggling on how they should continue holding their elections while also protecting their constituents. Here at Honest Ballot, we can provide you with two options that will allow you… Read more »

The Spanish Flu and the 1918 Election

The Spanish Flu and the 1918 Election

On March 16, 2020, Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine ignored a court ruling and officially postponed his state’s Democratic Primary election, citing concerns about the recent coronavirus outbreak. The decision was followed by five other states delaying their primaries. Party and state officials are now deciding how best to deal with this situation, with some offering… Read more »

Common Questions About the Electoral College

Common Questions About the Electoral College

Every four years, voters from across the country gather at the polls to choose the next President. This makes it seem like the President is elected by popular vote, but in reality, they are actually chosen by the Electoral College. So, how do our votes help elect our next President? Here we answer many of… Read more »

3 Essential Tips for Increasing Voter Turnout

Voter turnout. It’s the bane of many political operatives’ existence. In a country where only about 50% of the voting population actually goes out to vote, campaigns will do whatever it takes to get the number as close to 100% as possible. If you’re holding an election for your organization, government institution, or private interest… Read more »

Primaries vs. Caucuses: What’s the Difference?

Primaries vs. Caucuses: What's the Difference?

With the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary coming up, many voters will be going to the polls to vote for their preferred Presidential Primary candidate. Nevertheless, the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary are two very different elections, and not just because they’re held in different states. Iowa votes under a caucus system,… Read more »

The 3 Main Types of Electoral Systems

The 3 Main Types of Electoral Systems

An electoral system is how our votes are used to elect governments and government officials. There are many different types of electoral systems, making it impossible to cover all of them in a simple blog post. Nevertheless, there are three main types that are widely used across the globe. These include plurality electoral systems, majority… Read more »

States Explore New Ways to Keep Their Voting Systems Secure

Two-Factor Authentication

Election security is on everyone’s mind in the leadup to November’s midterm elections. Although a measure to provide states with an additional $250 million to upgrade their voting systems recently failed in the Senate, many state officials are still working hard to adopt new security protocols and ensure the integrity of their upcoming elections. Replacing… Read more »

DHS Offers Election Security Guidance to State Officials

Voting Machine

The 2018 midterm elections are approaching fast, and the Department of Homeland Security is ratcheting up its efforts to help states shore up their voting systems in time for November. In addition to conducting risk and vulnerability assessments in 17 states, Homeland Security officials are also offering guidance on how states can best use their… Read more »

NY Senate Democrats Introduce Plans for Voting Reforms

New York Capitol Building

Despite New York’s long history of political engagement, the Empire State has struggled to combat consistently low voter turnout in recent years. Following the 2016 general election, a report from Nonprofit VOTE found that New York ranked 41st in the nation for voter turnout, with barely 57 percent of eligible voters casting ballots. New York’s ranking… Read more »