Cybersecurity in Elections: Protecting the Integrity of Online Voting

Double exposure of woman hands working on computer and lock hologram drawing. Security concept.

In an era where digital technology is ubiquitous, the move towards online voting is a natural progression. However, as we embrace the convenience and accessibility of electronic elections, the paramount concern becomes cybersecurity. Protecting the integrity of online voting is not just a technical challenge; it’s a fundamental necessity to safeguard democracy. The Cybersecurity Challenge… Read more »

The Role of Social Media in Mobilizing Student Voters

Social media with woman using a laptop on a coffee table

In today’s digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives, shaping the way we communicate, share information, and engage with the world around us. For universities, leveraging social media platforms is a game-changer in mobilizing student voters and driving participation in campus elections. Creating a Buzz Around Elections Social media allows… Read more »

Enhancing Student Engagement in University Elections through Electronic Voting

Smiling student using laptop at the university

In the dynamic world of university life, student engagement in elections is essential yet often lackluster. The key to unlocking higher participation lies in electronic voting. This modern approach, aligning with the digital inclinations of today’s students, can dramatically transform the landscape of student elections and foster a more active campus community. Tailoring Voting to… Read more »

The Impact of Redistricting on Voter Representation

A person casts her ballot during voting for parliamentary elections at a polling station in Bucharest, Romania.

Every decade, the political landscape of the United States undergoes a quiet, yet powerful transformation – redistricting. It’s a process that can greatly influence the political representation of communities across the country and can significantly impact voting outcomes. But what exactly is redistricting, and how does it affect voter representation? Understanding Redistricting Redistricting is the… Read more »

The Impact of Electronic Voting Systems on Voter Turnout

poster of vote with business women in cityscape illustration vector illustration design

As technology continues to advance, its role in democratic processes is becoming increasingly pivotal. Electronic voting systems, in particular, have emerged as a revolutionary tool in enhancing voter participation. By simplifying the voting process and removing barriers to participation, these systems have a profound impact on voter turnout. In this post, we explore the various… Read more »

Why Your Nonprofit Should Consider Electronic Voting for Board Elections

Online voting, the Hand gets out of the Smartphone and puts a tick in the e-newsletter in the form of a hologram. Electronic voting technology concept

A nonprofit organization will have many elections throughout its lifetime. To ensure the integrity of those elections, you’ll need a proper election system. Electronic voting is often the best option for nonprofits. Here, we’ll explain why. Benefits of Electronic Voting for Nonprofits Efficiency and Speed – Electronic voting significantly reduces the time spent on manual… Read more »

Proxy Tabulation: How It Can Simplify Shareholder Voting

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Shareholder voting is an essential part of any corporation. However, holding those corporate elections can prove difficult. That’s where proxy tabulation comes in. Here, we will dive into what proxy tabulation is, explore the advantages it offers for shareholder voting, and more. What is Proxy Tabulation? Before we discuss the advantages of using proxy tabulation… Read more »

The Three Different Types of Voting Systems

Portrait of smiling American woman voting and putting ballot in bin on election day

Different municipalities and organizations may have different types of voting systems. If you’re planning for a union vote or a school board vote, you may be wondering what the best voting system is. There really is no “best,” but different types do suit different organizations and populations better. Read on to learn more: First-Past-The-Post Voting… Read more »

The Benefits of Secure Online Voting

Secure Online Voting

The surge of the Internet when it was developed created a new revolution for people everywhere. Now with advanced technology, we can do virtually everything online from computer to tablet and smartphone. The Internet allows us to balance check books, pay bills, make appointments, order take-out, purchase groceries, obtain medical records, shop for occasions, keep… Read more »

How to Choose Your Political Party

Republican and democrat voter concept as a symbol of an American election political identity campaign choice as two United States political parties shaped as an elephant and donkey in a 3D illustration style.

When you first register to vote, you will be asked to choose which political party you want to be affiliated with. Of course, we know most about the two major parties—Democrat and Republican—but there are also several other third parties to consider, as well. Plus, you can even be unaffiliated with a political party. But… Read more »