Voting Services

Honest Ballot LLC (HB) specializes in maintaining a reliable, secure voting process for organizations of all sizes and provides a variety of services to help you when you are conducting an election.  HB serves organizations across the country conduct fair, fast, efficient and accurate elections, including school boards, labor unions, local government groups, non-profits, condo associations and many more.  No matter how big or how small your election may be, HB will help you make the process easy and straight-forward, so you can enact new laws, elect new leaders and spend more time managing your operations.  HB helps you conduct your election from start to finish, providing online tools, voting machines, certification, counting, supervision and other services.  HB has conducted or supervised over 25,000 elections across the country and maintained an impeccable service record; no election has ever been voided for any reason or found inaccurate by any membership.  HB is proud of this commitment to accuracy and fairness and is pleased to help your organization conduct a fast, accurate and secure election.

Secure Voting Process Services
No election is too big or too small and HB has services to suit the needs of your constituents, whether you are holding a large election across the city or a small election with a private membership.  Each election is built around your needs, so your ballot, your voting system and your certification are all intuitive and easy for voters to take part in.  Using a simple, straightforward and accessible voting method not only reduces the time and energy required to hold an election, but also helps to improve voter turn-out by creating a simple and intuitive process.  HB monitors, tallies and certifies elections of all kinds, giving you third-party accuracy for the results of your election.  Whether you are using a voting machine, voting system, supervision, certification or other services, HB ensures all data is strictly protected and recorded, so the authenticity and accuracy of your election is never in question.

If you are holding elections at your union, school, organization headquarters or another place of business, you may choose to use HB’s electronic voting machine rentals.  By renting voting machines you can take advantage of the accuracy, efficiency and authority that electronic voting stations provide, without the need for costly hardware or maintenance.  HB strives to form long-lasting partnerships with your organization and is available to help you at every step of the way to make your election as easy and straightforward and possible.  When elections roll around again, HB will deliver your voting machines again at your request and all your constituents will recognize the machines.  Organizations return to HB year after year for their unquestionable accuracy, superior speed and helpful service.  Many organization leaders are unaware that elections can be so easy and require such little time.  Electronic voting machines and voting systems eliminate the time and work needed to count, tally and certify votes, so you can spend more time directing your organization’s most essential tasks and programs.

Professional Election Voting Services

If you are holding a vote over a larger area and you do not require your voters to come to a building or headquarters, voting software may be a preferable option.  HB’s voting software uses the same protective firewalls, secure logins and counting algorithms as the voting machines, ensuring your process is accurate.  The voting software systems give voters and election hosts access to online voting and monitoring.  This allows voters to cast their votes from anywhere through their browser or even their smartphone or other mobile devices.  By voting with a few simple clicks, each one of your voters will be able to effortlessly cast their vote at their convenience.  Like the electronic voting machines, all of the questions and the format of the ballot are completely customizable based on your needs.  Include introductory paragraphs to your ballot, synopses about each rule or candidate available, attach pictures, include a comments section, a write-in candidate section and much more.  The ballot can be used and shown in many different languages and it is also disability accessible.  Though voters may use their computers, phones or tablets to cast their vote, the software prevents any person from casting a vote more than once.  In the event a person is logged in on two separate devices during the same time, the system is programmed to count only one vote.  With safeguards and back-ups programmed into the software, each one of your votes will be legitimate and your voting process will be verifiably secure, accurate and genuine.

HB also offers election supervision and certification services to verify your election by a third party.  You can be assured your election is counted fairly and your results are accurate, allowing you to maintain the trust of your constituents and the reputation of your organization.  To learn more about election certification, electronic voting machines or online voting systems and software, contact Honest Ballot LLC today.