Creating More Well-Rounded Leaders

Creating More Well-Rounded Leaders

Creating More Well-Rounded LeadersThe 24th Amendment gives us the right to vote. As an American right, citizens pay close attention to those who run for office, ensuring they are the best candidate to lead our nation into a bright future.

Not all leaders are up to the task of running for office for the right reasons, however. As in past elections, certain candidates focus all campaign efforts and ballot success on beating out the competition with disrespect and bullying.

So, what can we do to produce better leadership? Real leaders, the ones who strive for change, equality and economic success should not feel pressured by the process of running nor should they feel burned out before ballots are cast.

Leadership and Responsibility

Leadership begins with taking a lesser load. This may seem nonsensical to some, but real leaders are those who know how to delegate responsibility to teams of loyal members and rely on the voices and opinions of those who matter.Creating More Well-Rounded Leaders

Taking on a volunteer role in campaigns and organizations is a great starting point to get feet wet and avoiding jumping head first, hitting the bottom. Volunteering is a path up the leadership ladder without the stress, hence getting the feet wet first. Getting involved in the causes that are cared about goes a long way in generating followers.

Leaders should take on an “all hands on deck” approach in the sense that, delegate responsibility and tasks to those members who share the same goals and aspirations. No campaign or leadership role is a one-person job. Offering training to support teams is a great way to invest in those who will work hard for the cause and greater good.

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