Customize Your Election With Honest Ballot

Some of what we can relate to with voting includes waiting in a long line of fellow voters, standing behind the curtain, clicking buttons on an outdated machine or filling in the bubbles of a voting ballot – sound about right?

What the Honest Ballot Association has done, however, allows your voting public to partake in important decision making with speedy digitized voting, a more in-depth read on candidates, a customized and convenient experience.

Custom BallotFrom school budget votes, to community rehabilitation projects, and even union, club and community group votes, Honest Ballot Association has developed a voting program that is efficient, trustworthy and suitable to meet the busy lives of the voting population.

Too often there is miscommunication or not enough information provided for voters to be able to make an informed decision. Being able to weigh in on the pros and cons of each side of the issue or candidate allows voters to make a better educated choice.

One of the most difficult components to a vote is the ballot itself. Whether it is a written or digital vote, you want the voters to be able to clearly indicate their choice. Beyond just a checkbox or fill-in-the-blank selection, though, providing all pertinent information on the ballot about the office or issue gives voters a greater understanding and allows them to be more confident in their pick.

The Honest Ballot Association has a team of professionals who can guide you through the steps to correctly utilizing their electronic voting machines and digital voting software. In addition to hands-on technical assistance, we can make your balloting a more productive and informed process by the offering the following customizable options:

  • Electronic Voting Machines: These machines are accurate and offer the latest technology for time-efficient voting.
  • Digital Platform: Our digital platform allows the ballot casting process to be clearly outlined and allows voters to read all of the necessary information on candidates or issues being voted upon.
  • Professional Results: We perform a complete vote count and double check the accuracy of results to ensure the vote is correct and has followed all regulations.
  • Lower Costs: By eliminating of the need for costly voting machines and maintenance through renting our electronic voting machines, you can save money on your elections.
  • Smart Voting: The ability for your voters to cast their ballots from the convenience of their home or smartphone with protected voting software.

Revolutionizing the voting industry with convenient, accurate and compliant digital voting is what we strive to provide at the Honest Ballot Association. Voting shouldn’t be a hassle where second guesses are made; voters should be completely confident in the decisions they make, and we’re work to help make your elections and ballots more open, honest and fair.

Before your next vote, contact the Honest Ballot Association by calling 800-541-1851.