Give Back With Your Next Vote

Give Back With Your Next Vote

It is always a great thing when a company decides to donate some of its money to a non-profit organization. After all, if the group is doing something great for the community or group of people throughout the world, why not support them so they can keep their operation going.

However, it seems now everyone has their own cause.

Not that it’s a bad operation, but when it comes time for a company to decide a non-profit to who they will donate their money to, the decision isn’t easy. That’s why a voting system is needed, where the majority vote is will be where the donation goes.

Make Your Voice Heard Give Back With Your Next Vote

When it comes time to decide, the company can put voting software in to place that will allow its employees to cast their votes. The program could be accessed from either the business’s building or from home.

That way if they have a busy day at work, they can just vote from the confines of their living room sofa on a laptop or mobile device. The vote will be very simple, as it will just be a chosen list of organizations the company received from employees.

With a simple click you can vote for the non-profit organization you want the company to give to. Then with another click you will complete your vote. The other benefit of this technology is that the vote will be secure and the data will still be there for counting.

If it were to be a paper ballot the company would run the risk of losing some of votes, which could lead to issues and complaints.

With this online system, you will help to prevent any problems from happening.

Honest Ballot offers professional online voting software to help you conduct fair, honest and comprehensive elections. Our software is easy to use and will make sure every vote is securely counted. For more information on our services, please feel free to contact us today!