How to Use an Absentee Ballot

How to Use an Absentee Ballot

An absentee ballot is used when a voter is unable to physically visit a polling station. In normal times, a voter may use an absentee ballot because they’re traveling on Election Day, or they are temporarily living somewhere other than their state of residency. However, with the coronavirus, many states are turning to absentee ballots to limit the amount of people coming to their polling places on Election Day.

Getting an absentee ballotHow to Use an Absentee Ballot

In the United States, each state handles absentee voting differently and has different laws that regulate when an absentee vote is counted and who will be doing the counting. Most States have an absentee application requirement that must be completed about a week before the election. You can either go to your local Board of Election’s website, or you can visit to find your state’s requirements and absentee ballot request forms.

Filling out and delivering your ballot

Once you fill out the absentee ballot request form, it’s only a matter of time until you receive your ballot in the mail. When, exactly, you will receive it will depend on your state and when you fill out the form. After you receive it, simply fill it out the same as you would an ordinary ballot (there will also be instructions mailed with your ballot in case voters get confused) and then place it in the mail to be delivered to your local Board of Elections.

The best bet for any voter who knows they are going to have to use the absentee route is to prepare ahead of time. Honest Ballot not only helps with the counting of absentee ballots, but can help guide you through the absentee voting process. Contact Honest Ballot today to learn more!