How to Deploy a “Pledge To Vote” Plan

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Electoral candidates have used a “pledge to vote” tactic in order to commit voters to voting. In years past, pledges have been made when candidates walked door to door with clipboard and pamphlet in hand. They also assigned members to contact voters via telephone. The purpose of the above was to get voters to sign their “pledge” to vote.

In a society with new-age technology, the process of creating a “pledge to vote” can be done quite simply and efficiently. But how do you get started? Read on to learn more:i voted stickers

Make the pledge before Election Day

Rather than making phone calls or walking the neighborhoods, candidates can ask voters to take a pledge in an approach that allows the public to commit to placing their ballot on Election Day.

In an effort to ensure voters visit the polling site, candidates should ask the people to make a conscious pledge to vote before the election. People will be more likely to follow through with their commitments when they feel obligated to do so.


Email is a powerful tool for sending an electronic pledge form to the voters. With this, voters can make pledges and become an honorary member of that voting district. Email also provides an opportunity to send subsequent reminders of the upcoming election as well as share any progress that has been made during the election process.

Social Media

Social media is a great platform for setting up a public pledge to vote. Candidates can create a digital button, stating “I pledged to vote” that can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Since majority of the public is linked to some sort of social media outlet, this is a very practical plan.

Once you’ve created your “pledge to vote” plan, Honest Ballot can plan for and supervise the election. We specialize in conducting elections as well as provide touch screen voting systems. For more information, contact us today!