Tips For Conducting An Election

Tips For Conducting An Election

Tips For Conducting An ElectionGetting your organization prepared for an election is a lot of work. While you should be focused on who you are voting for and the election, you’ll find yourself worrying about the logistics and the setup. Will it be a fair and accurate election?

With an electronic election, you won’t have to worry about anything but who you are going to vote for.

So, what should you expect?

When you rent a voting machine, it will be delivered to you with your ballot already programmed and with the counting algorithm ready to go, so all you will have to do is turn the machine on. Because they are already in place, they cannot be changed and the firewalls set up will ensure that no one else can make changes or see the results.

After turning on the machine, it will show each voter how to work the machine and other instructions so they can cast their vote easily. Not only does it have clear and simple instructions, every machine is Section 508 and WCAG-2 compliant, so they are accessible for everyone.

Once the voting has concluded, the results are sent back to Honest Ballot Association (HBA), where they will be certified as correct and authentic. It removes the temptation of messing with the votes and the counting will remove the error of hand counting. Then, HBA will send the results to your organization along with a certificate of authenticity.

Honest Ballot Association is a full-service electronic voting company that can provide machine rentals for any election. You can customize your ballot to best suit your organization and ensure that your election is fair and accurate. If you have any questions about machines, our voting process or how to get started, please contact HBA today.