How Online Voting Can Help Voters with Disabilities

When you’re living with a disability, voting can become a very challenging task. In fact, thousands of polling places in the U.S. were not compliant with federal laws for disabled voters during the last election. Many voting areas are inaccessible and require the use of stairs and lack a ramp or elevator.

The Benefits of Online Voting for Voters with Disabilities

Say there isn’t a braille ballot available and another person must go in with the voter, they are at the mercy of their aide, not knowing if they truly did what was asked of them. Because voting can turn into such a challenge, many disabled voters don’t vote at all, which is why a straight-forward and simple system would be the best approach. Online voting makes the entire process more convenient and timely than traditional voting – giving voters with disabilities their fundamental right back.

Voters can cast their votes electronically, from anywhere at any time but only from one device, making it convenient for voters while keeping the election accurate and fair. Voters can vote from any location that works best for them without having to worry about stairs, ramps and parking spots.

About Our Voting Software

The voting software programs and machines that are offered here at Honest Ballot are handicap accessible and meet both the Section 508 and WCAG-s requirements. It also has the top grade from the Bureau of Internet Accessibility and options for handicapped voters are easily accessible. Asking another person for help is no longer necessary; voters will vote privately and know that they are voting just the way they want to.

Honest Ballot wants to make voting as easy and straight-forward as possible. If you would like more information about making the voting process more easily accessible, or if you have any questions, please contact us today.