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How to Choose Your Political Party

Republican and democrat voter concept as a symbol of an American election political identity campaign choice as two United States political parties shaped as an elephant and donkey in a 3D illustration style.

When you first register to vote, you will be asked to choose which political party you want to be affiliated with. Of course, we know most about the two major parties—Democrat and Republican—but there are also several other third parties to consider, as well. Plus, you can even be unaffiliated with a political party. But… Read more »

Understanding Voter ID Laws

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Many states across the country have voter ID laws. However, with so many different rules and regulations in place, it can be difficult for voters to know what they to do to vote. Here, we discuss the basics of voter ID laws so you can take the proper steps to get into the voting booth… Read more »

Automatic Registration Efforts Advance in Two Dozen States

The debate over voter registration policies continues. Last week, President Obama voiced his support for a bill in Illinois that would automatically register people to vote when they apply for a state driver’s license or identification card. As NPR reports, similar bills are being considered in about two dozen states. While the Illinois bill, and… Read more »