How to Improve Your Get-Out-The-Vote Strategies

Destroying The Get-Out-And-Vote Mythology

Destroying The Get-Out-And-Vote MythologyIn many political parties, labor unions, associations, and more, campaign managers depend on get-out-the-vote efforts to win an election. Additionally, a successful campaign includes a behavioral scientist to help them craft an operation that will get voters to the polls. Below are some GOTV tactics, ideas, and notions that can help you drive voters to the polls.

Marketing and persuasion is key

GOTV depends on marketing and persuasion. After all, voters will not come out to vote for your candidate if they don’t know who they are or what they stand for. However, just spreading your message isn’t enough. You need to persuade your audience that your vision is the best one out there. People need to be motivated and emotionally invested in a candidate in order for them to go out and vote for them.

Segment your target audiences

There’s no such thing as a single marketing plan that fits all audiences. Different people will respond to the same message in different ways. As such, you need to segment your target audiences and craft a message for each group.

Encourage participation

If you want people to be invested, you need to make them feel like their voice matters. Encourage as many people as possible to join and engage with your campaign. Don’t just let the few who come decide everything.

Make voting as easy as possible

People don’t vote if it’s complicated to do so. While you likely can’t change the voting rules, you can educate people to help make voting as easy as possible. Tell them where they can vote, how, and when. Then, share that information as much as possible in the months, weeks, and days leading up to election day.

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