Make Your Private Balloting More Accessible

There are few rights that we have that are more important than our right to vote. Every year, millions of Americans show up at polling places for more than just electing politicians; they also vote on their preference for the next ranking individual within their labor unions, credit unions, school boards, community clubs and more.

Still, though it is the duty of Americans to cast their vote, they can only do so accurately and with confidence if the voting systems they use are well designed and secure enough to make every vote count. The Honest Ballot Association was built on these principles.

No matter how large or small your election may be, we can help to ensure that your voting process goes smoothly and justly. We serve organizations across the United States, simplifying and securing voting machines so that every vote counts.

The secret is in our software.

Secure VotingOur programmers are always working around the clock to ensure that our voting software is as secure as possible. We implement firewalls, counting algorithms and secure logins to make sure that only the proper administrators can manage the system.

Not only do these implementations protect you at your polling place, but they also allow you to vote from remote locations, making your ballot accessible to people in any location using smartphones or home internet browsers. Our added security protocols also prevent users from voting more than once, which is essential in preventing election fraud.

This ease of use also extends to those who speak languages other than English. Our software can be read in a variety of languages and formats, and they are also fully accessible with options to make voting convenient to foreign language speakers and disabled voters. This helps ensure that everyone, regardless of their walk of life or situation, can cast their vote with confidence.

If you are planning an election or you are simply a voter interested in learning more about how your rights are being better protected in your group’s balloting, we are here to serve. We take pride in what we do and we’re available to offer our election and balloting services for your next election. Call us at 800-541-1851 today to learn more.