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Bribery or Incentives for Voting: Does It Work?

Bribery or Incentives for Voting: Does It Work?

The dilemma, it is Election Day and you get out of work late and know you should go out and vote. But you are not educated on who the candidates are that are running for office or really what issues they stand for. This is a problem some if not most registered voters face. How… Read more »

Evolution of Voting Machines

As citizens of the United States, it is important for all of us to understand the history of our country’s democracy. Though we all take US History in high school, there is a historical story that most of us probably don’t know.   The history of voting goes far back in time, though the history… Read more »

History of Voting in America

  Voting has evolved in many ways throughout American History. From the very first colonists at Jamestown, to women’s voting rights, the election system has changed quite a bit! The First Vote: One of the very first actions taken by colonists in their New World was to institute leaders by way of elections. After escaping… Read more »