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Voting Reform Taking the Stage at the Oscars

This year at the Oscars, movies that we’ve recently watched won’t be the only thing the celebrities are talking about. In a recent post on Facebook, Reese Witherspoon spoke out about the lack of racial and gender diversity in this year’s nominees. She suggests a bit of voting membership reform among the Academy. Have you… Read more »

Offer Secure, Accurate Voting at Your College or Club

All professional clubs or college groups are run by a leader, and typically, that leader needs to get elected. Having each member of a group, club or organization vote is a way to ensure equality and simplicity in choosing a leader or someone in a different hierarchal role. Everybody gets to vote and everybody gets… Read more »

What Online Voting Can Do For Unions

What Online Voting Can Do For Unions

Being in a union has its definite advantages. As an organized group, you use your collective strengths to make changes and have a voice in the workforce. Common problems tackled by a union include wages, work hours, benefits, workplace safety and health, and job training. Unions can do plenty of negotiating, but the actual way… Read more »