The Voting Times Are A-Changing

The Voting Times Are A-Changing

As society has evolved over the years, our processes have changed as well. However, when some things do not progress, adapt or assimilate, they are often doomed to no longer be used or exist. This idea is consistent in voting, coupled with all the advances in technology, has made many states and organizations take the steps to modernize their voting processes to produce more voter turnout.

The voting world doesn’t work the way it used to, even within the last five years, so necessary changes are being made to get public and private voter interest up.

Voting Process Overhaul The Voting Times Are A-Changing

Lawmakers in New Jersey have recently proposed a set of changes to outdated voter rights laws which would make voting easier and more accessible. One change would be a universal voter registration that would allow anyone who gets a driver’s license at the Department of Motor Vehicles to automatically be registered, unless they choose to opt out.

Another part of the bill would allow voters to register and cast their vote at the same time through a provisional ballot.

The bill also has young voters in mind as it will allow teenager’s at the age of 17 to register to vote and let them do so at the next election occurring on or after their 18th birthday. The hope is this will get more young people involved in their local elections, which in turn will instill a more voting savvy generation.

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