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Cybersecurity in Elections: Protecting the Integrity of Online Voting

Double exposure of woman hands working on computer and lock hologram drawing. Security concept.

In an era where digital technology is ubiquitous, the move towards online voting is a natural progression. However, as we embrace the convenience and accessibility of electronic elections, the paramount concern becomes cybersecurity. Protecting the integrity of online voting is not just a technical challenge; it’s a fundamental necessity to safeguard democracy. The Cybersecurity Challenge… Read more »

The Benefits of Secure Online Voting

Secure Online Voting

The surge of the Internet when it was developed created a new revolution for people everywhere. Now with advanced technology, we can do virtually everything online from computer to tablet and smartphone. The Internet allows us to balance check books, pay bills, make appointments, order take-out, purchase groceries, obtain medical records, shop for occasions, keep… Read more »

Why You Should Use an Online Voting System

Using An Online Voting System

For upcoming elections, polling sites can become a hectic atmosphere. With hundreds of people stopping in at various times of day, looking to cast their votes so they can continue about their day, you really need to install a smooth operation for running the booths. If you are finding it difficult to accommodate voters in… Read more »

How Online Voting Can Keep your Next Election Simple and Secure

Keep Your Next Election Simple and Secure With Online Voting

Elections can be messy, but the voting process ensures that the leaders of an organization represent the voice of the majority—whether it be members of a school board, a labor union president or a co-op treasurer. Typically, the higher the voter turnout and the more secure the platform, the better. For these reasons and more,… Read more »

How to Continue Holding Your Elections During the Coronavirus Outbreak

How to Continue Holding Your Elections During the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the recent coronavirus outbreak, many state and local officials are wondering what they should about their elections. From condos to labor unions, many organizations are struggling on how they should continue holding their elections while also protecting their constituents. Here at Honest Ballot, we can provide you with two options that will allow you… Read more »

Blockchain Voting: What Is It and How Could It Impact Elections?


What if we told you that sometime in the not-so-distant future you might be able to cast votes in elections using little more than the digital gadget of your choice and a secure online platform? Given some of the controversy that has swirled around recent local, state and even U.S. presidential elections, you might be… Read more »

Let Your Team Weigh In With Online Ballots

Keeping employees happy and working together are two of the largest components of office productivity. Helping your employees work together, share ideas and thoughts is crucial to maintaining an innovative and constantly progressing organization. Organizations that ask employees to share their thoughts and opinions often have a happier and more productive workforce. Online balloting can… Read more »

What Is Involved In The Electronic Voting Process

What Is Involved In The Electronic Voting Process

Advancements in technology have certainly made life much easier and our time spent on daily tasks more efficient. With the click of a button, the Internet is at our fingertips for searching, shopping, banking, planning, and voting. Electronic voting systems are becoming a trend for its simplicity, easy application, and convenience. Electronic voting machines are… Read more »

Unionize With Online Voting!

Unionize With Online Voting!

In today’s digital age, online voting has become a very popular way of polling. It can be used to measure everything from the public’s opinion on a certain topic to deciding on a new flavor of a popular food. However, one group of people who could benefit from this technology is people who are associated… Read more »

Online Voting Is the Way of the Present

Online Voting Is the Way of the Present

The idea that you can conduct voting online is no longer just a wish for the future; it is now a very real part of the present. In fact it is so real that the State of Utah is forming committees to study online voting, in hope to begin more wide scale use for elections,… Read more »