What to Bring (And Not Bring) to the Polls on Election Day

What to Bring (And Not Bring) To the Polls on Election Day

You’ve registered to vote, and you’ve found your polling place, but what happens once you get there? For first-time voters, Election Day can be a confusing process, and you may not be sure what you should or should not bring to your polling place. While each state is different, we’ve put together an overview of the items you should and should not have on hand when you step into the voting booth.

Bring your voter registration card

What to Bring (And Not Bring) To the Polls on Election Day

While this isn’t a requirement, bringing your voter registration card with you on Election Day can make things go a lot quicker. You should have received your voter registration card in the mail a few weeks prior to the election. It will have important information on it such as your name, home address, district, and polling station. Again, it’s not a requirement, but having this information on hand will be helpful. It can help you find your polling place, and it can help poll workers when you check in to vote.

Check your voter ID laws

Some states have voter ID laws, requiring that voters bring some form of photo identification with them to the polling place. Before you head off to vote, check to see what your state’s rules are for voter ID. If you live in a state that requires photo identification, bring it with you on Election Day.

DON’T bring your phone

As tempting as it may be to snap a selfie of you with your ballot, this is actually illegal in many states. Instead, play it safe and keep your phone in your pocket or in your car when you walk into the voting booth.

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