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Election Day Do’s and Don’ts

Election Day is almost here. As such, you’re likely gearing up to vote for your preferred candidates. However, voting isn’t always as simple as just walking into a voting booth. Here, we discuss what you should and shouldn’t do on Election Day: DO…double-check your polling place While there are multiple polling places in your area,… Read more »

What to Bring (And Not Bring) to the Polls on Election Day

What to Bring (And Not Bring) To the Polls on Election Day

You’ve registered to vote, and you’ve found your polling place, but what happens once you get there? For first-time voters, Election Day can be a confusing process, and you may not be sure what you should or should not bring to your polling place. While each state is different, we’ve put together an overview of… Read more »

4 Things to Do Before Election Day

4 Things to Do Before Election Day

The election is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to prepare yourself for entering the voting booth. Voting, even without the coronavirus, is a bit more complicated than simply walking into a polling place and filling out a ballot. Here is everything you need to do before Election Day: Register to Vote If you haven’t… Read more »