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Top 3 Reasons to Throw Election Parties


Persuading voters is much like trying to sell a product or service. You need to believe that you can help in a substantial way, and then have the confidence will follow through. Election parties are a great way to persuade voters who may be on the fence. After all, many people simply cast votes based… Read more »

Getting Your Message Out There: How to Persuade Voters

How to Persuade Voters

If you think back on all of the debates you have had with people, which ones were you most successful? In order to persuade people (voters) to take your side, there are several avenues for success. But if you play your cards right, you will be able to win some votes and create a chain… Read more »

Showing Members You Care

Showing Members You Care

Members are the most crucial part of the voting process. Members are supporters and supporters are the people who can be counted on. To keep members motivated, you should cater to their self-esteem and confidence so they know their role is of utmost importance. Just how can that be achieved? By showing them you care,… Read more »