Election Day Do’s and Don’ts

Election Day is almost here. As such, you’re likely gearing up to vote for your preferred candidates. However, voting isn’t always as simple as just walking into a voting booth. Here, we discuss what you should and shouldn’t do on Election Day:

DO…double-check your polling place

While there are multiple polling places in your area, you can’t always go to any one of them. Some states have rules about which places you can vote at. Your voter card should have your designated polling place on there. However, if you’ve lost your voter card, no worries! You can check your polling place at vote.org.

DON’T…take a picture of your ballot

After you’ve filled out your ballot, you may be tempted to snap a photo of it and share it on social media. Don’t. This is actually illegal in many states. So, play it safe and keep your ballot to yourself.

DO…check how long the polls are open

Polls don’t stay open until midnight. Many begin to close around 8 or 9pm. So, plan ahead by checking when your particular polling place closes. This will allow you to plan your day accordingly while still being able to vote. If you’re worried you can’t make it to the polls within the designated times, check to see if your state has early voting.

DON’T…speak to people who say they are poll watchers or challengers

Poll watchers or challengers are people appointed by a candidate to observe the election process. Watchers may be present when people are voting, but they are not allowed to speak with voters to protect voters from intimidation or harassment. If someone comes up to you claiming to be a polling watcher or challenger, do not speak with them and report them to an election worker immediately.

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