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The History of Voting Machines

People voting at modern voting station standing in booth making choice using modern automated counting machine. Balloting watcher working at desk. Flat style vector isolated illustration

As citizens of the United States, it is important for all of us to understand the history of our country’s democracy. Though we all take US History in high school, there is a historical story that most of us probably don’t know: the history of voting machines. The first voting machines The history of voting… Read more »

A History of Voting Machines

A History of Voting Machines

Voting hasn’t always been a high-tech affair. While many of us still use a pen and paper to cast our votes, we also use voting machines to scan and count our ballots. Before the age of voting machines, however, things were very different. Voting before voting machines The first uniform, official ballots were used in… Read more »

Open Source Software Could Help Prevent Voting Machine Hacks

Cut the Cost of Business Travel With These Helpful Tips

America’s voting machines are getting old. Many of them are using decade-old technology to tally votes, and replacement parts are becoming hard to come by. But aging voting machines don’t just cause headaches for election officials; they can constitute a security risk as well. Recently, cybersecurity experts have urged state and city governments to invest… Read more »

Voting Machine Lockup in NY

Someone trying to impersonate an official in the Board of Elections sent phone calls to voters, in order for them to vote against the restructuring of the town board in the city of Ramapo. After the suspicious phone calls occurred, a judge ordered the voting machines to be impounded and locked up until if and… Read more »